Depending on the location of where you locked the bike, it may take up to 30 seconds for the app to reflect that a trip has ended. This usually happens in cell-reception "dead zones." 

Here's what to do if the trip continues on your app after you've locked the bike:

First, try hard closing the Spin app and relaunching it. Our team regularly pushes out fixes and adjustments to our app, so relaunching is a way to update the app, which usually fixes the issue.

Second, if relaunching the app does not work, it is due to a network issue such as poor cell reception. In that case, you may press the button that reads, "Already locked the bike?" on the trip page. (See pictures below.) You will be asked to confirm that you have locked the bike and that your trip has ended so that our team can verify the status of the bike.

Still having issues? Please get in touch using the live chat function! To help expedite our support, please send us the bike license plate number, the email address or Facebook name you used to create your Spin account, and any screenshots of the problem.

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